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Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

Total Gym XLS Trainer

Product: Total Gym XLS Trainer

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Equipment Type: Home Gyms

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Our Rating: 8.7/10


Total Gym XLS Trainer Introduction

Total Gym XLS ReviewDespite the compactness of the Total Gym XLS Trainer, you might be surprised to see all the versatility this equipment has to offer. With an astounding 80+ exercises to choose from, the Total Gym XLS Trainer is a very ideal piece of equipment for those with an affinity for bodyweight exercises. The Total Gym XLS won’t only help you get into shape fast, but will help you master some of the most important compound exercises like the pull-up and squat.

While it may not have the appeal of using various sets of weights, its ability to incline on demand with the combined use of accessories will give you all the resistance and workout intensity your body could ask for. One of the most notable aspects of the Total Gym Trainer and other products like it, such as the Bayou Fitness Trainer, is the fact it can be used as its own stretching machine and even for circuit training as well as cardio.

If there’s one thing people love and admire about the Total Gym XLS it’s the all-around versatility and genuine effectiveness of the workouts it provides. Whether you’re looking to complement your time at the gym or use it as a replacement, the Total Gym XLS is more than competent enough to provide you with your daily fitness needs.


Total Gym XLS Trainer Specs

Weighing in at just 83-pounds, the weight of the Total Gym XLS weighs in about average in comparison to the majority of total gyms out there. More importantly is the fact it has a 400-pound user weight limit, which is high and helps showcase the above-average quality of the machine. The Total Gym Trainer additionally comes fully assembled so no setup is involved here.

One of the biggest questions people have when it comes to the Total Gym XLS is whether or not the machine is able to handle their height and weight. Keep in mind that the Total Gym XLS has a nice 90″ spread in its length, meaning that even if you’re over 6 feet you’ll have no issues using it. Same goes for people weighing under 400-pounds, given its fairly high weight capacity.

One of the most convenient aspects of the Total Gym XLS and a big reason as to why people love having a total gym in their house is because of its easy storage capabilities, allowing you to fold the gym in half, practically taking up no space at the floor level.


Total Gym XLS ReviewTo be more precise, the units dimensions are as follows:

When Unfolded –  19″W x 90″L x 43″H

When Folded – 19″W x 51″L x 9″H

As you can see, dimension in both length and height is reduced considerably when folded, making it a highly attractive feature for this piece of equipment.

Similar to what Bowflex offers with its home gyms, the Total Gym XLS goes the extra mile by offering all the accessories, workout manuals, guides, and things you need to make the absolute most of the trainer. In addition to a fantastic workout machine, you now have an array of workout plans to follow with it.


Total Gym XLS Accessories:
  • Wing Attachment
  • Leg Pull Accessory
  • Ribbed Squat Stand
  • 5 Workout DVD’s (Start It Up, 6-8 Minute Workout, Smart Training Workout, Body Makeover For Total Gym)
  • Exercise Chart
  • Training Deck
  • Nutritional & Meal Planning Guide


Total Gym XLS Incline Levels & Resistance

Total Gym XLS ReviewAn important aspect to any total gym trainer is the amount of resistance and incline that it offers. We found that the Total Gym XLS does an OK job in this respect, but nowhere near as good as the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer.

While the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer’s resistance can be maxed at 72%, the max resistance of the Total Gym XLS is at 54%. In addition, the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer offers up to 12-levels of resistance, whereas the Total Gym XLS only offers 6.

Incline & Resistance Levels: Level 1 = 6%, Level 2 = 15.6%, Level 3 = 25.2%, Level 4 = 34.8%, Level 5 = 44.4%, Level 6 = 54 % resistance. Each level is thus, increased by 9.6% in resistance. If you’re looking for a total trainer that can offer you a wider range and higher level of incline and resistance, you may prefer the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer (see review here).

Otherwise, the Total Gym XLS can surely provide you with a sufficient amount of resistance and incline, despite an 18% difference in the max resistance being offered.


Total Gym XLS Build & Quality

When it comes to the build and quality, the Total Gym XLS excels. Most people rarely experience problems and have had the machine last for them for many years. Equally as important is the fact the Total Gym XLS Trainer provides plenty of comfort while performing your workouts.

With recent upgrades to its level of comfort and the inclusion of head support on its padded glide board, the Total Gym performs very well in this area. The overall frame, which includes a lifetime warranty, is built with a chrome package, is durable, and offers great functionality when having to switch your level of resistance.


Total Gym XLS Overview & Comparison To Bayou’s Fitness Trainer

The Total Gym XLS is definitely a top-quality gym that can be compared to the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer Power Pro in many ways. Priced almost equally the same, we found the Bayou to be superior to the XLS in some aspects, but not all. While the XLS is an amazing piece of machinery, we would have still liked to see an increase in the number and levels of resistance.

One thing we really like about the XLS though is how it offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, despite only a 6 month warranty on parts. Bayou’s Fitness Power Pro on the other hand only offers a one year warranty on parts and no warranty on the frame, accounting for a substantial difference.

Another notable difference between the two is the squat board. The squat board on the Bayou Power Pro is much larger and gives you more room to perform squats at an incline, whereas the squat board in the XLS is smaller. Lastly, we preferred the design of the Power Pro over the XLS, but that’s just a matter of preference. Regardless, both total trainers offer excellent value that you can’t go wrong with.



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