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Treadmills Vs. Rowers – Which Should You Buy?

Rowing Vs. Treadmill

Treadmills Vs. Rowers

Today we have all kinds of products that can be incorporated into our home gyms to get an awesome cardiovascular workout. It used to be the case that treadmills and bikes were the go to items when it came to cardio. But new technology and innovation has since led us to look outside the world of treadmills.

Rowers can really have a sense of elegance to them. Many are made with absolute precision and care and are made to look gorgeous in your household. Just take a look at this video. Treadmills on the other hand require more construction and material to them. In a way, they’re a bit more complex than rowing machines and many times, don’t end up lasting as long.

While both offer some tremendous advantages to our cardiovascular health, many people find that rowing machines are superior in many ways to the average run of the mill treadmill. Now instead of only focusing on working out our lower body, the rowing machine gives us an upper hand advantage, allowing us to increase total body strength while simultaneously working our cardio.


Strengthening Benefits

There are a few reasons as to why the rowing machine is capable of working out our entire body. But the main one is that it allows us to move more muscles. Everything from our lower to upper body moves in sync as we pull the rower toward us, also strengthening our core as a result.

If you’ve ever had problems with your joints or knees, you may especially find the rower to be more beneficial and the reason for that is because of how much easier it is on the joints. Rowing machines are known for being able to provide a low impact workout causing less force on our joints.

Running on a treadmill on the other hand can eventually cause us to wear out our joints. Treadmills are also very limited in the type of workouts we can do. While we can run or walk anywhere we want, that isn’t the case with rowing, which many people tend to find more enjoyable – Check out our top 10 rowers here!


More Value

The benefits of rowing machines don’t just end there. From the equipment itself to the actual workout, you’ll find that having a rowing machine in your home is much more beneficial than a treadmill. That is of course, unless you prefer to run over everything else. In that case, investing in a great, long-lasting treadmill would be an ideal solution. But for those of us looking to get the most value for our money, rowing machine is our best bet.

Rowing machines are more compact, more easily portable, easier to set up, and aren’t as heavy duty as most treadmills out there. Take the average weight for a treadmill for example, which averages around 175 pounds and compare that to a rower, rarely weighing more than 50 pounds and you can see why the rower is the more ideal piece of equipment to have in your home. In addition, most treadmills aren’t capable of folding like rowing machines are.


Price – Treadmills Vs. Rowers

When it comes to price, some treadmill models can easily cost over $2,000 if you want the best. Take the 3G Cardio Elite Runner for example, which goes for $3,339. Rowing machines on the other hand are rarely priced over $1,500 and if you’re spending somewhere in the $900 range, you can easily be getting the cream of the crop. While there are even some rowing machines that can be purchased for less than $100, we highly don’t recommend doing so if you’re looking for something that will last.


Possible Cons Of The Rowing Machine

When all is said and done, there are still some key aspects that do allow the treadmill to supersede the rower in some ways. Noise level for example, depending on your model, can be louder with a rowing machine. Unless you’re looking to invest into a very nice rower ($500 or more), this wouldn’t be a problem.

Another possible drawback is that you might find the rowing machine offers a much more intense workout. Reason being that each movement requires more muscles and more energy to be exerted than simply having to run on a treadmill. Last but not least, you may feel that the rowing machine offers a little less of that cardio feel as you do with a treadmill, and more of a full-body workout.


Rowing Machines For The Win!

Due to the smaller size of the rower and a machine that is greatly able to reduce our risk of injury, the rowing machine is an ideal cardio equipment to have in our homes. While it might not be the perfect fir for every individual, most will greatly benefit from the value they have to offer.

Today you’ll find that there is an endless variety to the technology being incorporated with rowers. There are flywheel rowers, magnetic resistance rowers, piston based rowers, and even water rowers. The most popular and innovative rowing machine by far is the Model D by Concept2, which costs a little less than a $1,000, but will easily provide for one of the best rowing machine experiences there is.

The more you row, the quicker you’ll improve. Many people have praised them for their overall effectiveness in improving their shape, posture, strength, and cardio.

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