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Wonder Core Smart Total Workout Review

Anything that allows us to work out our abs and core is a smart idea and there are undoubtedly a few unique aspects when it comes to Wonder Core. Question is, whether this piece of equipment is as effective as they make it out to be?

Any kind of equipment that offers some kind oWonder Core Smart Reviewf resistance can strengthen us in one way or another. From the outside, the Wonder Core Smart Total Workout may look and seem like a very simple product, but there are a few unique characteristics to be liked about this product.

Unlike other ab workout or crunch machines, this product actually gives us some form of resistance. In our case, we’re given dual resistance handles on each side, giving us something other than only our body weight to work with. Not only does this help to simplify the way we do our exercises, but can push us into doing even more repetitions!

These machine handles don’t only work to give us resistance on both ends, but also allow us to work out other areas of our body such as our legs, triceps, biceps, and more. All in all, the Wonder Core Smart Total Workout gives us 8 different workout options to work with and while it might not seem like much, it’s a lot given the size and compact nature of this machine.

If there is one thing that is to be said and noted about the Wonder Core Smart, it’s the fact that this machine is not a great option for the more experienced lifter and a great option for the person who needs some kind of support mechanism for their workout.

Included Exercises:

  • Situps
  • Pushups
  • Bridges
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Forearms and Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Ab Tucks
  • Bicycling

Wonder Core Smart Total Exercises

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What’s Great About The Wonder Core Smart Workout?

There are a few things in specific that make this piece of equipment stand out and I think the biggest one of them all might be convenience. Having something small, portable, and can easily fit in your home, has made this a popular item among many individuals. It’s also very easy to use. There isn’t a whole lot of assembly, hassle, or setup required. Just hop onto the machine and start doing your core exercises.

The next thing we like about it is versatility. The Wonder Core Smart Workout really allows you to hone in on a lot of your core exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, bridges, and more. Its adjustable resistance also makes it a great choice for beginners to intermediate users alike. Another possible benefit of the Wonder Core Smart Workout is the fact that it can assist us with many of our workouts.

For example, a lot of times we won’t want to get on the ground and start doing crunches, but with the Wonder Core Smart, we may be more inclined to do so. Some people have also loved this product due to the minimal strain it places on the back and as a support mechanism for completing exercises that they’d have trouble doing otherwise.


What’s Not So Great About It?

Not that we’ve gotten the benefits out of the way, let’s look at what isn’t so great about the Wonder Core. First and foremost, we don’t believe this machine will make for an excellent gym replacement. It’s good to substitute with at times, but overall, it isn’t a machine we believe should be replaced with going to the gym.

Second, the product is a bit limited in what it’s capable of doing. Despite the amount of versatility it carries for its size, the workouts that it offers aren’t very effective at targeting the majority of your muscles. But is certainly great for your abs, core, and hips. People have also complained that the product broke or no longer worked after having bought it, though these complaints remain to be minimal.

Pros Of The Wonder Core:

  • Convenient, light, and portable.
  • Offers a degree of versatility.
  • Works out our abs and core.
  • Great support mechanism for those who need it.
  • Offers 24 to 48 pounds of adjustable resistance.
  • Easy to use – No installation necessary.
  • Offers 8 different workouts.
  • Good to have in your home.

Cons Of The Wonder Core:

  • Very small piece of equipment – weighs 13 pounds.
  • Not a good gym replacement.
  • Exercises are a bit limited.
  • Not for experienced lifters.

Wonder Core Smart Reviewed

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Wonder Core Smart Total Workout Overview

I’m not sure I would categorically call the Wonder Core Smart as a “breakthrough” per say in the world of home gym equipment, but it certainly has its uses. The most notable ones with it being a great mechanism for support and almost like an easy way to work out our abs. Unlike other similar equipment where we are required to lift our entire core off the ground to target our abs, the only thing you really need to do here is lean back on the dual resistant bars. The best aspect of this product by far is the fact it offers those dual resistance handles making it extremely easy and convenient to use in your home. If you’re looking for a simple and potential relaxing way to workout in front of the TV, I could definitely see why you might be attracted to the Wonder Core Smart Total Workout.


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